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Meet: Nymeria

German Shepherd
Autumn Price

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Nymeria is our youngest. She has two older brothers, Crimson and Greywind. She is the protector of the family and makes it her priority to make sure her family is safe. She is the biggest daddy’s girl and loves playing with her brothers and her cat friends. She takes pride in wearing her ESA vest in public. She is the sweetest and most beautiful girl in the whole world!
1.5 years
Baby, Mera, Nymeria Marie
Long jump, jumping fences, cats, playtime, treats, her brothers, her daddy, spending time with family
Boundaries, quiet time, carpet, thunderstorms, sudden movements, clapping
Favorite Foods: 
Carrots, cheese, meat, rawhides
Favorite Pastimes: 
Jumping fences, running with dad, playing with cats

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