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Meet: Noah

Labrador/ Shar Pei/ Ridgeback
Sacha Barry

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This was Noah on one of his morning walks, fascinated by either a crow or some other bird flitting around in the trees and calling out to their neighbors.
5 months
Noah-Know, Little Gator and Baby
My Kong treat chew (especially with peanut butter inside), chasing ice on the tile floor, running around with the big dogs at the park!
Baths, wet wipes cleaning me up, sketchy people
Favorite Foods: 
What isn't my favorite..I am part Lab after all?! I do especially like PB, bananas, natural applesauce and those crunchy carrots.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Curling up and napping on or behind my mama's feet, trying to attack the newest squeaker toy that mom gave me.

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