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Meet: Nitro

Doberman Pinscher
Tiffani Suriano-Doyle
Pittsburgh, PA

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Nitro was a resilient boy. He was abandoned as a puppy and later I adopted him from a shelter. He battled Von Willebrand Disease, a splenectomy and cancer over the course of his life. He had a passion to live and was a gentle boy that embraced every opportunity given to him. He was so strong and majestic. He had a love for life, and his pack. He lived on the beach for 3 years of his life and loved all of our adventures. Nitro sadly passed away on 01/16/10 after battling cancer at the age of 12.
hiking, running, finding hidden snacks, hide & seek
lettuce, slippery floors, cold weather
Favorite Foods: 
Chicken, Beef, Veggies and Cheese
Favorite Pastimes: 
going to the beach, being wrapped up in a warm blanket

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