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Meet: nibbler

Boston terrier
Sarah serinken
born in Peterborough, raised in ottawa

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Nibbler is a happy little guy. He is full of beans. He has never met an animal or human he didn't like. He may be small in size but has a big heart, tons of confidence and an even bigger personality. He is a social butterfly and the life of the party.
14 months
nibs, pupness, snugs, lil buddy, his lordship...
people, animals, naps, blankets, swimming, bully sticks, toys that make noise
things that don't belong, when playtime ends, when people go to work
Favorite Foods: 
nibs has allergies so he can't eat a lot of his favourite foods, but he likes duck, peanut butter, and anything forbidden!
Favorite Pastimes: 
playing at the dog park, going to grandparents house, cuddling with piggy, napping, chewing on a stick

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