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Meet: Mr. Watson

St. Bernard
Michael Chappue

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Mr. Watson is a 150 lb., 3 year old Saint Bernard, born in Hagerstown Maryland. He’s a test tube baby and his dad was a champion show dog. Mr. Watson has an amazing temperament and personality. He loves to be around people, especially children. He’s an amazing companion and travels very frequently to Santa Fe, NM. especially in the winter, you’ll see him taking his daily strolls with Dad.
3 yrs old
Watson or Boo
Squeaker, football, treats at a certain time, and especially conversations.
Dad’s drums, and the exterminator guy that looks like a martian.
Favorite Foods: 
Ice cream, whip cream, apple strudels, grilled chicken treats, and juicy meat.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Our walks, trips, midnight treats, and especially our conversations

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