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Meet: Mr. Bojangles

June Barbiero

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mr bojangles came to us at 5wks old. his mommy was tragically hit by a car and didn't survive and I had experience with puppies he is daddy's shadow but comes to mommy when he's scared or if she is eating.if someone isn't paying attention to him he starts barking but will stop if i tell him to.he loves dressing up because of the attention he gets.he patrols our property and barks at trucks across the pond to chase them away. when geese spend the summer nearby he herds them back into pond
chewy, bobo,booboo
flavor snacks, people food,being center of attention,dressing up,
anyone coming near car,summer heat,most dog foods,anyone who doesn't pay attention to him
Favorite Foods: 
cheese,eggs,ice cream,whatever mommy is eating,steak
Favorite Pastimes: 
sleeping,following daddy around,walking up to mailbox,going everywhere with mommy and daddy

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