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Meet: Moxie and Levon

Teacup yorkie and Maltese-Yorkie
Bloomfield CT

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Moxie is a tea cup yorkie who only weighs around 3 pounds, Levon is a maltese-yorkie mix, or morkie, and is just about the same size. They love to lay in the sun together and take naps.
Moxie- 7 years Levon- 9 months
Moxie Moo and Lee Lee
Moxie- napping in rays of sun and giving kisses Levon- chewing shoes and biting noses
Moxie- getting his hair blow-dryed Levon- too happy to dislike anything!
Favorite Foods: 
Moxie- Red bell peppers Levon- Anything and Everything
Favorite Pastimes: 
Moxie- bellyrubs and snuggling Levon- chewing the squeaker out of toys

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