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Meet: Melo

Yorkshire Terrier
Tatyanna Kurucz

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A sassy, 5 pound, Yorkie puppy that loves to run, his squeaky toys, giving kisses and to snuggle on the couch. His favorite places to go to are the dog park and my parents farm to play with his Auntie Chloe(a 90 pound American Bulldog!). I love everyone I meet and have to say hi to everybody but they don't mind because I am super sweet and cute. Follow my adventures in puppyhood on Instagram @melo_thepup
5 months
Little Butt, Boo
Zippypaws Banana n Monkey Toy, liver treats and playing dress up
Fireworks and when dad tells me no
Favorite Foods: 
Primal Pet Freeze Dried Nuggets(all varieties), Orijen Tundra, Nacho Cheese Flavored Doritos
Favorite Pastimes: 
Running, Going to the dog park, playing on the farm and napping on the couch

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