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Meet: Max

Tri colour Border Collie

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Max is a very loving dog he loves to cuddle up to my cat Tigz. Tigz and Max are best friends they have caught a rabbit tougher and the walk around the field tougher!
Max try's to get my cat Tigz to play ball with him! Max loves to play ball and foot ball and he love to play frisbee!!! Max is a family dog he hurdles the chickens up and does no harm he a brilliant dog and so loving he love to play with other dogs. We have lots of great funny story's to share about max he is the greatest dog!
To play ball and frisbee and loves to cuddle up to the cats!
Thunder and lighting
Favorite Foods: 
Chicken and a bit of Sunday roast
Favorite Pastimes: 
When we took max for a walk on a hot day and let him off the lead he ran off and we found him sunbathing with these ladies and they ladies found it funny and we were so embrassed!!!

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