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Meet: Matt Grexa

Golden Retreiver
Dotty Grexa
Barberton, Ohio

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Matt is quite a character. He was the last puppy left in his litter, so we believe he's destined for us.
That said, you forget just how much energy a puppy has.
Matt is especially generous in the 'gift-giving' area. He showers me with shoes, rugs, towels and numerous other items as I work on the computer. One minute the floor is empty, the next time I turn around, I am surrounded by his 'gifts'!
This photo is Matt with his Shoes..I mean Chews!!
10 months
Little man, Sneaky Pete
Jumping, rawhides, car rides, cheese, and obviously, shoes.
Favorite Foods: 
Prefers his dinner topped with a bit of chicken breast, loves cheddar cheese and a bite of McDonald's bagel.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Going to the park, running down the stairs to the magical land of the basement, chasing after the laser, chasing his tail 'til his collar flies off

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