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Meet: Mally

Red Cloud Kelpie

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Mally is 11month old red cloud kelpie. He loves playing, his favourite toy is donkey. He loves running, playing and splashing down the beach and loves meeting new fur friends down there. He regularly accompanies Mum on long bike rides through the bush which he also loves. Mum thinks she can ride quicker than he can run but he just lets think that. Although he loves being active, at home you’ll find home having a snooze on the couch, having a snug on Mums bed or protecting the house from FLIES!
Malza, Smellum, Mallum,
Fav toy Donkey, the beach, camping, long runs through the bush, playing with fur friends, his fur brother, chasing the ball, snugs on the couch
Favorite Foods: 
Mums left over steak
Favorite Pastimes: 
Chasing seagulls

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