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Meet: Maddi

Golden Retriever
Mar Sension

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Maddi is my heart dog! She's a super sweet and compassionate friend to all people! Maddi's a star, having appeared on multiple Hallmark greeting cards, calendars, featured in Pet Expos, library programs and much more. She loves to watch for outside animals, especially chipmunks and squirrels. She's a beautiful soul, inside and out. I feel so blessed that I am sharing her life and i am thankful that we were meant to be together. Maddi is a once-in-a- lifetime treasure! I love her so much!
Sweet Cheeks, Maddi Girl, My Special Girl, Mads, Big Girl
Bananas, cheese, traveling, playing with her brother Wyatt, nightime snuggles
Anyone raising their voice and hot, hot outside temperatures
Favorite Foods: 
Her kibble, watermelon, bananas, peanut butter and chesse
Favorite Pastimes: 
Watching for outside critters, sleeping, visiting friends, doing tricks for kibble

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