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Meet: Luna

Italian Greyhound
Neptune NJ

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I took this picture the very first day after I brought Luna home with me. She was all snuggled up in her blanket, and I found this mini cowboy hat… so I tried to see if she would let me put it on top of her head! Not only did she let me, but when I checked her out to see how it looked, she flashed me that priceless grin you see her sporting in this picture! I knew right then that she was definitely the pup for me!
Luna Lu, LaLaLa Luna, Lunabelle, Luna Moon
Nibbling on different kinds of fabrics and materials, sleeping, getting her itches scratched, eating whatever you have on your plate, smiling, giving and getting lovins!!
When mom isn’t in her direct line of sight, when you don’t offer her any of your food, when she isn’t getting all of the attention..from everyone..all the time! When you finished your whole meal and still haven’t offered her any of it!
Favorite Foods: 
Whatever your favorite food is!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Nibbling everything, sleeping, eating, cuddling, taking naps, going inside the stores with mom, getting all of the attention, still!

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