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Meet: Lucy

Mini Dachshund
Jenn & Steve
Boston, MA

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This little lady hates putting her harness on for walks. In fact, she will run and stuff herself in the smallest corner of our apartment when I take it out. But when she conquers her fear...and we make it out the door...and we pass that school...and cross the road to her favorite field, she is the happiest little camper. The weeds are usually taller than her so her run is more of a hop, her floppy ears are out of control, and she makes me smile!
Lulu, Little, Floppy, Frito.
Beaching, sleeping, spooning and sunshine.
Her harness and when mommy & daddy cuddle without her.
Favorite Foods: 
Pizza, hands down.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Hanging on the porch and watching mini dachshund videos on YouTube.

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