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Meet: Loki

American Staffordshire terrier
Aryanna Rountree
Nashville TN

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Woof, My name is Loki. A lot of people are scared of me since I’m a “pitbull” but, I’m actually a really sweet dog. In a perfect day I would be able to sleep all day with my mom, and eat treats. My mom thinks it’s cute that I wanna be with her all the time, but she’s my best friend. She put me in the contest to show people that even a misunderstood breed can be cute. Please vote for me!
Loki Pokey, YoYo, and Chicken
Sleeping, cuddles, and food
Bath time, doggy nail clippers, and laying on the floor
Favorite Foods: 
Favorite Pastimes: 
Cuddles with mom and begging for food

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