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Meet: Lily

Pekingese Shih Tzu mix
Lori and Rick Hayes

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Hi I’m Lily. While it IS true i was just back from the groomers, what mommy forgets is that i had no idea the water puddle was muddy so i am totally exonerated. Plus i am so adorable it shouldn't matter. I was a rescue when i was only 4 weeks old. I am now almost 7 and have lived all this time with my human parents. I am crazy, opinionated, funny, precious, and so happy! I have 3 peke siblings that i love to play with.
Bug Lilyput LilyLu
Sleeping Guarding the House Sitting in Dad’s Lap Playing
Spiders Birds Thunderstorms
Favorite Foods: 
Ice Cream My Kibble Chicken
Favorite Pastimes: 

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