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Meet: Lily

Malshi (Maltese x Shihtzu)
Andrea Jones
Port Talbot

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Lily is a very energetic, playful, cheeky 20 month old Malshi. Lily shows me unconditional love like I've never seen befor. She is very much a 'mummys' girl' and likes wearing pretty dresses. Before I had Lily I was clinically depressed, I honestly do not know where i'd be without her. Lily isn't just a dog, she is my 'therapy' dog and I have no shame in saying it. I would love for Lily to don a page of your magazine, she truly deserves it.
20 months
Monkey chops
Her mummy, rope toys, chicken, attention
Discipline !!
Favorite Foods: 
Chicken, beef, ham, salmon
Favorite Pastimes: 

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