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Meet: Leo

German Shepherd
Washington, DC

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Leo is a ten-month-old German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois mix. He is a fun-loving and playful pup! His favorite things in the world are soccer balls, cheesy treats, and people watching. He is not very snuggly, but when he sits by you, he makes sure that his tail is somewhere on you. He has best friends at the dog park that he sees every evening and loves to go on adventures-- although he does not love riding in the car. He is the perfect, fun-loving addition to our family!
10 months
Lilo, buddy, Leonidas
balls, treats, walks, hikes, swimming, people watching, eating ice, playing fetch, getting cozy, playing with friends,
snuggling, poultry,
Favorite Foods: 
cheesy treats, ice cubes
Favorite Pastimes: 
playing with balls, watching LivePD, being with parents, adventuring

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