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Meet: Leda

Blue Heeler Border Collie Mix
Cristina Istrate
Toronto, ON

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Leda is an affectionate and playful puppy, her breed is very unique, her parents are Blue Heeler and Border Collie mix. She is very gentle and shy when approached by strangers and dogs, takes a bit of time for her to warm up! She only barks when someone's at the door and has learned a few tricks already. She can sit, give kisses and rollover!When taking her to a park, she will run faster than you can say cheetah! She's truly one of a kind!
2 months
Belly rubs, giving kisses, bedtime cuddling, playing with big dogs, smell of bacon, playing fetch with tennis balls, tug toys, jerky treats, jumping, eating snow
Crates or cages, shy to most strangers, being left alone
Favorite Foods: 
science diet puppy food, raw bone hide bacon bone chews, soft treats from zuke's brand
Favorite Pastimes: 
playing tag you're it, chasing her owner and nipping at the heels

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