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Meet: Lacie

Golden Retriever
Tom Whelan
Framingham, MA

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Lacie's big, beautiful smile brings happiness to everyone she meets. Whenever we go for a walk in the park, a crowd will gather around her. Young children ask to pet Lacie and grown-ups like to give her treats. Lacie loves the attention and will shake hands and give gentle kisses. At home, Lacie is a loyal friend who likes to run and play in the backyard. She's very protective of her family and is always just a few feet away from us at all times. We love her dearly. Lacie's the best!
1 year
Pumpkinhead, Lacie Face
chasing balls, swimming, digging, snow, car rides, tug, and belly rubs
staying indoors
Favorite Foods: 
peanut butter, ziggies, chicken
Favorite Pastimes: 
looking for sticks in the backyard - the bigger, the better

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