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Meet: Kustom T Dogg

He has no owner I work for him
Houston Tx or a Laquinta Hotel

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After having a lab for over 12 years pass away my sister who runs a shelter in N.C decided I needed a puppy to balance out my life. Four years ago April I was handed a little bundle of blue/gray fur for my birthday, and I never really thought he would make it this far without me killing him. I am a Photographer by trade, and I use to take him to all the shoots as a puppy (it helps calm the models nerves lol) When he was two I finally got married, and now treats my wife like I hired her as his assistant. I couldnt ask for a better dog, and he is the best dog I have ever been owned by. John Jackson
Stinky.......Capatain Cave Man(dont ask it was his idea)
Biscuits with frosting
Damp grass.... if its flooded its ok
Favorite Foods: 
He cries in the chic fila drive thru when I am ordering/special ix of his dog food with chicken broth warmed in the microwave
Favorite Pastimes: 
Telling us what to do/Herding us

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