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Meet: Kuma

Shiba Inu
Jourdin Leitch
Southaven, MS

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This silly guy is always ready for what's next! He loves to play, and never runs out of energy. Fortunately, he knows when to chill out too! He's so smart, and training is a breeze. Of course, he only applies it when he feels like it. Food is a good motivator! He'll do anything for a treat! Anytime you see him smile, it just melts you! His nickname is squish because his ears go down flat and his whole face squishes up when he's really happy or excited... like when you get home from work.
7 months
Squish and Firefox
Belly rubs, playing chase, training, and going new places
The restraint of a harness and leash
Favorite Foods: 
Loves his Orijen
Favorite Pastimes: 

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