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Meet: Kilo, Sally, Jack, Lotto & Kain

Great Danes & Pit Bulls
Jeffrey and Katelyn Hoglund

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We each had two dogs when we met. Mine are a black Great Dane named Jack and a black Pitbull named Sally after the Nightmare Before Christmas. My husband’s are the two white Pitbulls named Kilo & Kain, like a kilo of cocaine. Though we are both in recovery, he has a funny sense of humor. Our newest baby is a black and white Great Dane named Lotto because he won the lottery when he joined our family. If you can’t tell, we have a theme. I like black dogs. He likes white dogs. We both like big dogs
8, 3, 3, 6 months, 2
L O N G bois & the House Hippos
people, babies, kisses, peanut butter, playing, sleeping in our double Cali King bed, snuggles, wearing bow ties & headbands
Favorite Foods: 
Peanut Butter Parties
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing with each other

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