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Meet: Jasmine

Dea' Dodds
Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Jasmine was rescued at a flea market where her owners were trying to bid her off for gas money. She was instantly rescued and has been living a happy life. She loves her toys, and her best friend *which is a kitten that was rescued as well*. She carries her toys around everywhere and when she want's to play she will bring it to you and drop it at your feet.
11 months
Jazzy, Baby girl, Little Miss, & Honey.
Treats, Cuddling, Car rides, Walks, Toys, Bubbles, Leaves, Teeth brushings & People.
Big dogs, Baths, Trash men, & when mamma (me) leaves somewhere.
Favorite Foods: 
Rachel Ray dog food, Chihuahua dog food, & Of course her Nylabone snacks.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Going for walks in the cemetary, Chasing leaves, Playing with her Mamma, & Chasing her toys.

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