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Meet: Isabella Francine

Mini Dachshund
Louise Kraft
San Jose

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Isabella is 11 yrs.old. She is the light in our family. Bella is such a talker. I swear it seems like she's trying so hard to speak in our language. No matter, she gets her point across very well.
11 yrs. old .
Bellie , Clambee , Shusha-bee , Shilinka , Bellsa ,shot-see(german for loving girl)
squeezies( must be noisy) ,chasing squirrels,airplanes,balls,drones, red lazar lite
Thunder or any really extremely loud noises. Going to the vet.
Favorite Foods: 
carrots,peanut butter
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing fetch and shredding toilet paper or newspapers. Slowly and carefully, strip by strip.

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