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Meet: Hunter

American Cocker Spaniel
Michael Horvath
Travelers Rest, SC

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Hunter is getting ready to be an emotional support dog for myself since I had a stroke in 2016. This way he will be a support dog and possibly be trained for even more. Originally from Florida he now lives in SC. He is a very good boy and has a lot of love to give to everyone he meets. Loves hair brushed, peanut butter chews, his other 2 brothers. When you tell him to go to bed he knows what bed to go and lays down right next to me and always has to have a hand on him for the same support
2 years and 3 months
were-were (like a werewolf)
tennis ball, squeaky toys, long walks, cuddler, and loves his peanut butter chews
iRobot vacuum, birds in the yard, thunder, 4th of July fireworks
Favorite Foods: 
loves his science diet food (has to have the gravy of soft on the hard) or he won't eat, loves his Peanut Butter chews, also loves watermelon
Favorite Pastimes: 
ask him to say I love you and that is how he howls. sounds so clear

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