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Meet: Hannah

Labrador X Golden Retriever
Melbourne, Australia

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Hannah is a 16 week old Lab X Golden Retriever that just loves everyone! Especially her Rainbow Lorikeet sister Macie :) She loves playing fetch, digging, going for walks and making new friends.
Hannah has a lovely personality that will make anyone's day :)
She will do anything for food and that has helped making her training much easier. She already knows how to sit, drop, stay and shake hands at her young age.
16 weeks (4 months)
Hannah-Bella, muffin and pups.
Food, playing in water, treats, Macie the Lorikeet, playing with other dogs and going for walks.
Prams and motorbikes.
Favorite Foods: 
Dry/wet dog food, Milk flavored treats and Chewing on her Kong toy.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Sleeping, playing and chewing.

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