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Meet: Gypsy Princess

Cane Corso
Josh & Mary Maurer
Cameron, NC

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Gypsy loves playing with anyone... she hasn't met a stranger yet! And everyone loves her sweet personality and over the top energy. She usually exhausts her friends at the dog park or on playdates. She LOVES to chomp chomp and is undefeated at destroying all of the "tough" toys! Her ball and her ropie are her favorite toys and at night she loves nothing more than cuddling up with her mommy and daddy in her pile of blankets.
9 Months
Gyppie, Ippy, Chomp Chomp, Nubbin
Chest rubs and blanket snuggles
Being told "no" and having to go to kennel when there are num nums in the house.
Favorite Foods: 
Anything porkhide, peanut butter, shoe laces and paper!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Chewing on ANYTHING (Including my Shih Tzu brother), playing tug of war and fetch.

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