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Meet: Georgie

Brisbane, QLD, AUS

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Georgie is a very energetic first-generation labradoodle. She's a caramel color with little whisps of blond around her face and on her back. She loves the beach, meeting new dogs and of course a good old blow-dry. She loves being photographed mainly because of her yummy treats. But we know she loves it even without the treats. Georgie is a very special dog who deserves a special place.
George, GG, Funny girl, G
Beach, Blow dry, Brush, Shoes, Human food, Long hair, Collars, Looking fab, Being photographed, ect.
Baths, Water jugs.
Favorite Foods: 
Peanut butter, Vegemite, Cheese, Pig ears, Dog food, Bread, All human food, Chicken, Milk.
Favorite Pastimes: 
When we go see our aunties dog Rosie the golden retriever.

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