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Meet: Faith

Jack Russell Terrier
Kelly Davis Beckley
Kent, Washington

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Faith is a seven year old Jack Russell Terrier with the canine autoimmune disease, pemphigus. She has no hair on her head, ankles or tail (except for a few wispy, white ones on the bottom), her ears are scarred, she is missing 11 teeth, her toenails are brittle and broken, she has scabs on her head and her breath is rancid.

Faith was rescued at a Humane Society adoption event within days of being euthanized. She is the inspiration for a children's book "Faith, the Ugly Dog".
Buzzardillopossum, Libby Tee Tie
Walks with mommy, napping, Frankenweenie, snacks
Small varmints that are speedy
Favorite Foods: 
Anything with chicken
Favorite Pastimes: 

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