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Meet: Ella Buttons

Great Dane
Lara Katz
Greensboro, NC

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Ella is a rescue who has never quite gotten over being a rescue - she has terrible anxiety and needs a lot of accomodations, medication, and mommy time to get through life, but as long as she has those, and her toys, she is a happy girl. She is a sweet, happy dog who adores children and other dogs. Her very favorite activity is holding down the couch, which is how she spends most of her day.
Ella, Ella Buttons, Princess Ella, Ella Bug, Munchkin
her couch, pillows, memory foam beds, food, cookies
weather that is too hot or cold, diesel engines, anything that resembles work
Favorite Foods: 
coffee, red wine and cocktails with vodka (you have to guard your drink at my house), mini dog biscuits
Favorite Pastimes: 
sleeping, eating, chewing paper

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