Moderndog Photo Contest Entry- Edward Carter's Stairway to Heaven

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Meet: Edward Carter's Stairway to Heaven

Chinese Crested Mix
Motley Zoo Animal Rescue
Redmond, WA

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I am a hospice foster with Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. I have advanced t-cell lymphoma, stage 5. I don’t have much longer in this world, but I want to make the best of what I have left! Follow my journey and help me spread my message about animal rescue and canine cancer! You can even participate in my bucket list adventures with a FLAT version of me, Flat Edward Carter! Check me out at
Tiny Baby Monster, EC, Handsome, Crazy Face
Grooming my brother Ottis, Stealing things that aren't mine, peeing on coffee tables!
Being told I should slow down because I'm sick! I don't feel sick and I have too much I still want to accomplish!
Favorite Foods: 
ALL THINGS EDIBLE! And some things non-edible too.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Rockin' my bucket list! Sharing my handsomeness with the world! Spreading my message about animal rescue and canine cancer!

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RIP little guy.
Tue, 03/18/2014 - 13:42

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