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Meet: Ecko

Kristen Wallace
Frisco, Texas

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She is such a sweetie! Very smart (especially for a 15 week old pup)
She is currently in training and incredibly intelligent. And talk about some personality! This girl is a mess! You would love her.
Has hazel coat with matching hazel eyes and super long eyelashes!. Everywhere I go she gets everyone’s attention! She has a hazel coat with a small white patch on her chest.
This girl is sassy, classy and sweet all at the same time!
15 Weeks
Everything and everyone!
None so far!
Favorite Foods: 
Whatever you want to give her :) especially chicken meatballs!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing fetch. Learning commands for treats. Being a puppy and playing with my mom and dad. Riding in the car.

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