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Meet: Cupcake

Terrier mix
Toni Williams
Los Angeles

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Cupcake is a sweet and intuitive rescue baby. She was 5 lbs of bones with hypothermia when I brought her home. Now she is a year and a half, and holds the mystery of her past in those deep, loving eyes. Here she is lying on my bed, and will make her way as always to under the covers, with her head resting on my arm, sometime during the night. Usually she is full of play, so this serene moment moved me to capture the shot.
1.5 years
Loves people, other dogs, anything that moves, spooning, jumping onto laps, the car, visits to anybody and anywhere.
When I go to the market.
Favorite Foods: 
Raw meats, raw honey, green beans, blueberries, pear, apple, yogurt
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing, dashing around the place in wild patterns, resting in a pocket of sun by the window.

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