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Meet: Chelsey

Chocolate Labrador retriever

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Chelsey is a three month old chocolate Labrador retriever pup! She is a gift of pawsitive energy, healing the heartbreak of the loss of a 10 year old chocolate lab beauty, named Lily. She prances thru life with curiosity and loves walking thru trails, meeting new dogs and pups, loves going for drives with Daddy, walking along the beach, and loves food!!! She loves having her picture taken! She is a puppy model in training !
3 months
Chelsey Bun
Taunting the cat, walking thru trails, posing for pictures, tim bits, Daddy!, going for drives, visiting new places, beaches, cuddling, collecting toys and putting them in my bed, chewing on branches, toys
Being told “no”, my leash
Favorite Foods: 
Timbits! Purina puppy chow, anything!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Walking, eating

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