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Meet: Chance

Mix - possible English Shepard
Tracy McKaskle
Winnetka, CA

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My first dog at age 40, rescued him from the local shelter at about 1-2yrs old, with no idea what breed. He got a ribbon for being in the most mix-up-mutt contest. He does like to heard me,and tell me what to do. We did dog agility together. He is very smart and can lower his voice from barking to a small growl when asking for a treat. Loving and just a big fluffy cuddle guy, happy dog, happy owner.
10 or 11
Paluff, Chanceee, "fancy chance"
his toy glove playing tugging, chasing squirrels, being with me at all times
hot weather, fireworks, wind, and bathtime
Favorite Foods: 
ice cream and whatever is on the people plate, and dog treats
Favorite Pastimes: 
chasing grasshoppers, playing with his glove, smelling everything on the walk and nap time on dad's big chair

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