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Meet: Buzz

Rat Terrier, Chihuahua
Ukiah, California

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He's a mix of different Terriers and Chihuahua. He's super calm and loves to cuddle. He's such a dog when it comes to toys and being outside! His best friend is a cat, they chase each other and wrestle nonstop. He's an attention hog, if your not giving him any, he'll grab your hand with his paws or will put his paws on your chest to put his face in yours and stare at you until he gets what he wants. He's super smart!
1year 9months
Bones, treats, squeeky toys, & other animals
Being left home, loud noises, & negative energy
Favorite Foods: 
Chocolate, Chicken, Bologna, and Cream of Wheat
Favorite Pastimes: 
playing with other animals, car rides, going on walks, & cuddling

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