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Meet: Buster

Silver Labrador
Teresa Griffin
North Canton

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Buster is my pride and joy. He sleeps by the kids doors in the morning and waits for me to open them one a a time so he can pounce on them and smother them with kisses each morning. He is also a good friend and protector of the house when my children are with their father every other weekend. He likes to hold my keys or the remote hostage if I haven't paid enough attention to him. And he will take the smallest ounce of water and roll around in it with delight. He's a brut with the kindest heart.
Buster Douglas
Shoes, stuffed animals, anything edible.
Deathly afraid of the vacuum cleaner and my iphone.
Favorite Foods: 
Puperoni and peanut butter.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Running with his mama.

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