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Meet: Buster

Older Tyme English Bulldog
Nick Ashton
North Wales, Denbigh Boot Boys

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Buster big feet, a proper pooch, well behaved an well loved in many towns an pubs across the United kingdom.
Cute as a pup and cute'r every day he grows bigger.
Loves all other animals he comes across and only has teeth for ME! Hahaha
3 months old
Busterlini, big Brown thing, mainly called Gorgeous by all the ladies
Pub landlords, All Women, Treats from pub landlords, kisses an hugs from women
Landlords with no treats
Favorite Foods: 
Chicken, sausage, lamb, chicken and chicken again, plus the odd bit of spare chicken
Favorite Pastimes: 
Rolling around like a lunatic off the lead, going everywhere with me as one

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