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Meet: Brown's Amazing Grace

Chocolate Labrador

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Meet Brown's Amazing Grace. Although this is her registered name, we have never called her that. Typically we call her Grace, but most often, Gracie. She is our 10-week-old Chocolate Labrador pup, always sporting a sweet face and spunky personality. Gracie is growing at an incredulous rate, intellectually and physically, and we cannot wait to see her blossom into a full-grown, beautiful, bundle of chocolatey joy!
10 weeks
Gracie, Gracie-Girl, Worm, Nugget, Beast
Love bites, walks in the woods & at the beach, cuddling
Bracelet strings that taunt her, sleeping in her crate
Favorite Foods: 
Dog food, because luckily she hasn't been introduced to human food yet!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Sleeping on feet, drinking water from the shower, sunbathing

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