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Meet: Brodie

Teacup Chihuahua
Scherry Koch

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Brodie is quite the fun loving character, he has a goofy, but loving personality! He was the runt when he was born, he stayed tiny, only weighs 6 lbs. But belts out an ear piercing bark if he feels the need to protect! He is full blooded, deer headed chihuahua, born in Nebraska. In this photo, he is soaking up the sun, its very bright out and he is hot, (so he's actually panting!) I shot this from the ground, it looks as if he's laughing his heart out, so stinkin' adorable!
Bo, Boo, Mr. Bo Jangles, Wiggle Butt, Itty Bitty
Belly rubs, to go walking or riding with momma, ice cream and peanut butter, brocolli and chicken
Bananas, minty dental sticks, tennis balls, vacuums, or anything scary
Favorite Foods: 
Watermelon, peanut butter, greenies treats
Favorite Pastimes: 
Loves people, loves to greet the mailman or UPS driver

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