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Matthew Flinn

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Brenna is a 7.5 year old purebred Romanian Rottweiler. Not only is she a Rottweiler but she is also the mascot for the local dollar general and occasionally works security when needed. Shes most popular girl in town. She knows how cute she is & uses it to her advantage. Her bestie is miss lamb chop followed by harriet, Henry, & Harvey (3 stuffed hedgehogs). She is the best cuddle buddy, best shopping buddy, best swimming buddy, best gardening buddy & the best friend I could ever ask for
Queen Brenna
Deli turkey, Destroying her moms garden, baths, swimming in the river, making new friends, sleeping in, Picking fights with her little sister punkie (my cat), and lastly she loves being in the truck with Dad.
Punkie, mean people and absolutely hates having her nails clipped.
Favorite Foods: 
Sheck doesn’t have a favorite food, she will eat anything. She ate a cactus plant over Christmas and just yesterday she shoplifted from her employer When she walked out with a candy bar in her mouth. Needliss to say mom was not impressed

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