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Meet: Brassy

lab bulldog mix

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Brassy is a rescue we had gotten from someone who fought dogs. He was a bait dog, and it was working with him for 2 years solo, but he welcomed the comfort and Kindness. Working with him now for 6 years he is completely rehabilitated and socializes wonderfully with People and Our other dogs. He is the welcoming leader when we get a new rescue. Also, in helping him he helped me with my panic attacks and my PTSD. We saved each other! He is the Best!
Approx 7 1/2 yrs
Brass-a-Frass, Brassy-Bear
his stuffies, cuddles, peanut butter
loud noises especially thunderstorms, had to replace my bedroom door because of a storm. LOL
Favorite Foods: 
he loves his soup bones and popsicles.
Favorite Pastimes: 
truck rides, but will only stick his head out the window if we are on a dirt road.

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