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Sophia Lahlou
Reading, MA

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I can be found sleeping on top of the back pillow cushions on any couch. Bet your bottom I leave a dent in any couch I sit on. P.S. I’m a real dog with the ladies ;)
Buddy, Dee, DeeGoo, Good Boy
Give me any opportunity to get a good taste of coffee and I’ll take my chances! One my favorites is licking the dishes before they go in the dish washer.
Balloons. I. Hate. Balloons.
Favorite Foods: 
Not to brag or anything but..... I really like the red food bits in Beneful. So much that my best friend, Sophia, will separate the red ones for me!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Flirting with some bad b*tches (female dogs of course!) Don’t be fooled by my masculinity...I’m pretty emotional

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