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Meet: Bogart

Lynette Malone
Centerville TN

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This goofy guy is always smiling! But he is the warmest snuggle of all time. He couldn’t fit in your grooves any better if he were water. When I first got him he was lethargic and the vet told me to help him walk out seed. I held him up with my hands around his tummy supporting his legs. After about 3 hour of this he squatted and cried as he walked away. There on the ground was a large poop-covered pecan. Poor baby!
10 mos
Bogart, Dudley-do-wrong, Bogey
Play, steal mom’s brush out of her purse, cuddling and seeing how cute I can be
Having my nails trimmed
Favorite Foods: 
What is mom cooking tonight?
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing with my brother. It goes like this; I steal his toy and then we wrestle for it

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