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Meet: Bogart

Miniature Pinscher
Jacque Nelson
Orange County, CA

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Bogart is a sociable, exuberant boy that loves to get dirty & play w/friends. My lucky dude was saved by Outlaw Dogs on the day he was to be euthanized. 5 mos later I was fortunate to get his adoption approval. After 1 year, Im happy to say he’s been spoiled ever since & loves to model his doggie wardrobe. Bogart has a huge personality in tiny packaging. This stubborn feisty handful of fur is the greatest gift I could've gotten & is perfect companion for a lazy girl that loves to sleep & shop.
playing; stuffed animals; sleeping late; making friends
being kept up past his bedtime; an empty food bowl; when his puppy gf can't come out to play
Favorite Foods: 
anything that I am eating
Favorite Pastimes: 
sleeping; eating; playing with his puppy gf; climbing on my bf

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