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Meet: Basil

Madelyn Clarkson
Redland bay Queensland Australia

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Bazil is the sweetest dog. He rules the house. He loves kisses and cuddles. However don’t let that sweet face fool you as he can be very cheeky and take off with your underwear if you leave them about. The only commands he knows are dinner, walk, chicken, ham and rope. He isn’t a dog that does tricks but that’s because his lazy owners didn’t teach him any, however he is very intelligent and extremely loyal. You could say it’s like having another child around.
Cuddles, kisses, belly rubs and food
Walking on wet grass, and if his water bowl is not filled up to the top
Favorite Foods: 
Kangaroo, chicken, ham and scrambled eggs
Favorite Pastimes: 
Taking off with your underwear and hiding

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