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Meet: Barley Grenti

April Grenti
Jonesborough, Tn

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Barley is a fun-loving little boy. He never meets a stranger. Loves to give kisses. He likes all of his toys, now to teach him to put them all back! He has lots of energy. He gets upset if he isn't wearing one of his super cool outfits (not pictured, just had a bath). He plays hard outside. He is super smart. At 10 months old he knows how to sit, stay, wait, and shake. He also knows and reacts to things like a human. He is the best dog!
10 months
Barley-Boo, Barley-Warley, cuddle-bug
He likes ALL of his toys. Likes playing fetch. Likes walks and meeting new people, He loves eggs for breakfast and popcorn while he watches movies. He loves to cuddle and give kisses. He likes wearing is little outfits and wrestling with daddy.
He doesn't like being told no-no.
Favorite Foods: 
Anything you are willing to give him. Eggs, whipped cream, popcorn, cheese, peanut butter, etc...
Favorite Pastimes: 
Naps on the couch, watching tv, being petted, taking walks downtown and meeting new people

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