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Meet: Barkley

Poodle Mix
Betts & Joe
Pleasanton, CA

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Barkley is a 7 YO rescue and just about the happiest dog around! He has the curliest coat and loves to be touched and petted. He LOVES tennis balls (more than people sometimes) and had just chased one into the Cape Plumbago bushes emerging as "flower dog" in this picture. That long bubble gum tongue is usually hanging out or trying to lick you! BTW, he already loves you and you are his BEST friend....
Bark, Bark-a-lark, B Dog, you there......
chasing balls, squirrels, birds, cats - running with his sister and brother - bear sitting - getting lots of loving attention
no tennis balls, waking up, loud noise, being alone
Favorite Foods: 
dog food (picky eater), cabbage, apples, pizza crust, any dog treat
Favorite Pastimes: 
chasing tennis balls, carrying tennis balls, people, protecting tennis balls, den time, sleeping

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