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maltese / maltichon

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Bamboo was rescued from a puppy mill broker pretending to be a legitimate breeder. He was considered too big and too old; therefore was unwanted. But he kissed me right away, and I knew that we couldn't risk letting him get put down. Besides being lazy, he loves: running and chasing and zoomies, cheese, liver, his BFF, Paco (rat terrier found abandoned on a street), his new GF, Mimi (also rescued from abusive owners), eating, sleeping.
Bamboolucious, Boo, Bamboocito, Bambino, 小朋友,小乖乖, Darling, Tesoro, Puppy
BFF, GF, cheese, liver, all food including vegetables, licking people and stuff
aggressive big dogs, angry people
Favorite Foods: 
will eat anything, but most especially cheese and beef liver
Favorite Pastimes: 
zoomies, chase, lucha libre, siestas, neighborhood watch (bark patrol)

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